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  • regenerating | revitalizing | moisturizing

    With Aloe Vera as the base, Underlay is a light and creamy, yet a powerful protecting moisturizer. The morning face base – meant to be used as a base under make-up to help moisturize & balance oils, giving the skin that natural glow. High-quality moisturizing fruit oils, and revitalizing essential oils.

    Arrives 1oz or 2oz glass jar with gold lid.

    Fancy Face Underlay


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    • Use as a protecting base under make-up to help moisturize & give skin that glow. Take a VERY small amount onto ringfinger & dab spots all over face. Rub into skin inlight circular motions. May be refrigerated for a cooling effect. Recommended use: 2x's a day, unless using 'The Night Shift' as an alternative night cream.

      For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. The claims of this product are based on homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients. Consult physician if pregnant. Keep in cool dry place. Cream will keep for 1 year. Handmade with love in small batches & may have slight variations. Chemical free & all-natural product.

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