Fancy Face - Facial Care Line

Fancy Face - Facial Care Line


Fancy Face Daily Cleansing Wash - Made with Castor oil & a combination of infused extracting oils that gently pull makeup & everyday toxins from your skin. All-natural, paraben & chemical free. Infused herbs & safe oils. Anti-fungal and extracting oils help softly clean the face. 4oz.


Fancy Face Everyday Oil - Made with nourishing infused oils & an extra balancing combination of essential oils. This daily moisturizer will clear skin inconsistencies & restore the natural radiance from within. Contains a small amount of SPF. 2oz.


Soufflé Underlay - regenerating | revitalizing | moisturizing
Morning face base. Night time healing cream. 1oz.


Fancy Face Astringent - Infused apple cider vinegar gently extracts excess oil, dirt & toxins left after washing your skin.All-natural, paraben & chemical free. Infused herbs & safe ingredients. Anti-fungal and PH balancing for acne prone skin. The softest way to wash that fancy face.


Fancy Face Set comes with full size bottles of Daily Cleansing Wash, Everyday oil, & a 1/2oz travel size of Soufflé Underlay. 

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