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Body Suds Bar

Body Suds Bar

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Rid the skin of daily toxins and grime. Refresh & rejuvinate the body and mind.  Glycerin based soap bar for the body. No fragrances added. Scents are created using a specific essential oils to create a beautiful & healing soap bar. Great for sensitive skin. 


Current Soaps:

Lavender Chamomile -  Aloe Vera & Olive oil soap bases. One of the softest scents and best for really sensitive skin. Light floral scent. Purple/Gold bar.


Berry Lemon - Aloe Vera & Olive oil soap bases. Light and fruity with a hint of citrus. This bar contains a natural flavor oil used in lip balm recipes, along with essentials oils to create it's scent. Fuscia/Gold bar.


Hemp & Honey - Hemp oil & Honey soap bases. Earthy and grounding essential oils used for a more masculine scent. Richer soap bases make this great for dryer skin types. Green/Gold bar.

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