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Soul Water - Body & Room Spray

Soul Water - Body & Room Spray

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This 'water' is a lightly scented spritzer of specifically curated oils created to lighten the heart & mind. . . & make the soul shine.


Fight the Fungus - Anytime you feel the fungus coming on from those dirty little germs, dip into this little bottle of anti fungals and mucus-clearing oils and kick the funk.


Be Happy. - Anytime you feel a little off balance from the race of Life, dip into this little bottle of happiness & reenergize your spirit.


New Home Vibes - As you move into a new space, rid it of negative energy & bring in good vibes to make this new house a beautiful home.


Coastal Waters - Create an aura of relaxation & rejuvenate the soul with a flowery coastal breeze blend of essential oils.


Buzzz Off - Anytime you feel those pesky little gnats, mosquitos & flies bugging you, just give yourself a little spray... and they will surely buzzz off!

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