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How I got here

My family always talks about our fair & blemish-prone skin as, 
"It's just the Irish in us."

I had trouble in my 20's with facial acne, brittle nails, & dry hair that was oily at the scalp. I called it my "combination skin"... but everything I was using to fix each ailment was "medical grade" & expensive! It felt like I was just compounding the problem & adding more toxins to my body. 

Nine years ago, I began trying many of the recipes I would find on wellness sites & realized I was changing most recipes, adding this or that to accommodate my skin type. Before long, my family & friends started asking me to make my products for their skin ailments -- surgery scars, wrinkles, body acne, etc..


To me, making products is a meditation. I love getting lost in the smells of the herbs & essential oils; blending to the perfect consistency & nurturing ME. 

I also have a love for babies! My mom & I started the journey with Toofeze Baby Teether
11 years ago. Most of what you can
 buy on the market for teething remedies are toxic to babies. Plastic, rubber, toxic liquids, & products that just don't do their job! We created Toofeze because we wanted to bring to market a safe product that really works! The same concept has carried into my skin care line.

Ola Cré (o-la kree), meaning Earth Oil (from my Irish heritage), was created in 2017 to bring to market safe, toxin-free products for the whole Tribe. Only pure herbs, natural oils & butters are used, making my skin care line one of the safest & most nourishing on the market today. 

- Rachel Riedel

Owner & Artisan


"Be good to your skin, you'll wear it everyday for the rest of your life."

- Renee Rouleau

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